Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome to our BLOG!

I was so excited to set this blog up last night, and then I realized that I have absolutely nothing to say - or rather nothing I thought of to say, seemed cool enough to actually put up where people might read it. Then I remembered that this is just one of millions of blogs. It isn't going to be every one's opening email on Monday. In fact, it will probably never be seen by anyone except my friends and family who already know how incredibly uncool I really am, and at that moment I felt much more freedom to put up whatever I want. So, just what is our fascination with this blogging thing anyway? We are all obviously way more into our own lives and think they are much more important than they really are, but somehow publishing ourselves on the web seems to bring some kind of validation to it all. I already feel like I am famous and all I've done is change the font on our title and posted a picture. I suppose it is a way to allow people to catch up with us only if they really want to. If I was to send you an email or a letter then you would probably feel obligated to respond even if you really didn't want to. This way you can look, comment to someone else in the room about what self-absorbed never-stay-in-touch people we are, and click the window closed with a vengeance. Now, you feel better, we don't know, and no one has to pretend anything.

Brad or Heidi - you decide?